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We’re publishing reports by Congress’s think tank, the Congressional Research Service, which provides valuable insight and non-partisan analysis of issues of public debate. These reports are already available to the well-connected — we’re making them available to everyone for free.

Recently Published Reports

Apportionment and Redistricting Following the 2020 Census

Defense Primer: Electronic Warfare

Argentina: An Overview

Global Economic Effects of COVID-19

Trending Reports (Most Accessed In Last Week — view past weeks)

China’s Economic Rise: History, Trends, Challenges, and Implications for the United States

Prior to the initiation of economic reforms and trade liberalization nearly 40 years ago, China maintained policies that kept the...

The Debt Limit: History and Recent Increases

Congress has always restricted federal debt. The Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917 included an aggregate limit on federal debt as well as...

Statutory Interpretation: Theories, Tools, and Trends

In the tripartite structure of the U.S. federal government, it is the job of courts to say what the law is, as Chief Justice John...

Federalism, State Sovereignty, and the Constitution: Basis and Limits of Congressional Power

The lines of authority between states and the federal government are, to a significant extent, defined by the United States Constitution...
is making 18,649 CRS reports available to the general public.
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